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Lemon Law Lawyer

  • What information should I take to my lemon Law Lawyer to start a claim?
    Before consulting with an lawyer to start a Lemon Law claim, you should have the following information:
    • The representations by the dealer to the customer at the time of sale
    • The full repair history of the vehicle
    • The dates when each repair was attempted
    • Did the dealer accurately note your complaint?
    • Did the dealer make a good faith attempt to diagnose the problem?
    • To your knowledge, does that model have a history of such problems?
    • Were you told the problem would go away on its own?
    • Did the dealer say the problem could not be duplicated?
    • Was the vehicle involved in an accident before it was sold to you and if so, was the damage disclosed before it was delivered to you?
    • If there was damage before you took possession of the vehicle, were all the repairs performed properly?
    • Were the details and information in the warranty clearly explained to you before the sale was made?
    • Did the dealer make any false representations?
    • Did the dealer make any false statements about your legal rights?

  • Do I need a lemon law lawyer?
    The answer depends upon which state you purchased or registered your car in. In some states and with proper documentation, you simply file a Complaint. In other States, you will need to hire an Attorney.


Many Lemon Law Lawyers offer free consultations via toll-free phone numbers to let consumers know what their options are. Remember, even if your case doesn't meet the requirements under the Lemon Law for your state, there may be other "statues or laws" that apply that can help you.


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