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Automobile Lemon Law


What are Automobile Lemon Law

They usually apply to new cars purchased for personal, family, or household use. The automobile lemon law entitles you to a replacement car or a refund if your new car is so defective that it is beyond satisfactory repair by the dealer. You must, however, give the dealer a reasonable opportunity to repair the car.

 What Automobiles are covered by the Lemon Law

Generally, new cars, vans, and/or trucks purchased for primarily personal, family or household use. Moreover, demonstrators and factory official and vehicle with manufacturer's new car warranty are covered in some states. Further, the mechanical components of motor homes are covered in some states.

 What will I receive I win Automobile Lemon Law Claim?

If you successfully pursue a Automobile lemon law claim, you may get a refund of what you paid for the car, as well as reimbursement for things like taxes, registration fees, and finance charges. If you choose, you may get a replacement car. Be sure that it is of comparable value to the lemon it is replacing, and that it satisfies you completely.

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