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Florida Lemon Law


Florida Lemon Law

The Florida Lemon Law program has proven to be an effective means of recourse for Florida residents who have purchased new defective autos. If you have invested hard-earned cash into a "lemon," help is as close as a phone call away.

Realising that "new" does not always mean "problem-free," the Florida Legislature in 1988 revised a law that makes car manufacturers responsible – under certain conditions -- for replacing defective vehicles or refunding consumers’ money. Commonly known as Florida Lemon Law, the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act established arbitration boards throughout the state to hear and settle complaints between car manufacturers and owners. Consumers who are successful in Florida arbitration have received either refunds or replacement vehicles.

Does This Lemon Law apply to me?

The Florida Law applies to NEW or demonstrator motor vehicles which are sold or leased in the State of Florida. With a few exceptions, a previously titled vehicle (used car) is not covered by the Lemon Law.

There must be three repair attempts for the same defect or condition, OR at least 15 cumulative calendar days out of service for one or more defects or conditions, before submitting the Motor Vehicle Defect Notification (MVDN). If you do not have the required number of repair attempts or days out of service, then continue to take the vehicle to the dealer for repairs


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