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Lemon Law Attorney


Lemon Law Attorney

Most state consumer protection statutes provide for the recovery of reasonable Lemon Law attorney’s fees directly from losing defendants when consumers prevail. Federal Warranty Law can similarly provide for attorney’s fees for successful consumers. Winning results mean that consumers pay nothing and can locate competent attorneys who believe their case has merit(s).

Large retainer fees in advance are uncommon. However, some Lemon Law attorney charge clients the up-front costs associated with litigation. These costs can include the cost of filing court documents and other costs related to the process of litigation like investigations and expert fees. It is best to ask an lemon law attorney about his/her policies before hiring.

Information I need to hire a Lemon Law Attorney

It is a good idea to gather all records having to do with your automobile purchase/lease including the following:

  1. Retail Sales Installment Contact (RSIC)
  2. Loan documentation
  3. All repair invoices
  4. Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s) you may have received by mail
  5. Written correspondence sent/received to/from manufacturer or dealer

Steps I can take to help

It is important for consumers to insist on receiving a repair ticket for each service trip and stay organized! Keep this information in a file that can be easily located. Attorneys often use this information to prove vehicle defects, repair visits to dealer and other important information. If a dealership refuses to give consumers repair invoices, attorneys can subpoena them under court order. Some state Lemon Laws require dealers to provide repair invoices for each service.

  • Your lemon law attorney may ask that you not discuss your case with anyone outside his/her office. This is good advice, since you could say something to someone else that could adversely effect your best interests.
  • Consult with an experienced lemon law attorney before trading in a vehicle or speaking with a manufacturer to settle a claim.
  • Consult with an experienced lemon law attorney before having an outside repair shop perform repairs that may be covered under warranty. Sometimes automobile manufacturers may claim repairs were inadequately performed, thereby voiding warranty coverage.
  • Take your vehicle to the dealership every time it needs service! Although inconvenient and often a source of consumer frustration attorneys use this information to build a record, especially when a minimum amount of visits or days out of service may be required under law.

Information to help you choose a Lemon Law Attorney.

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