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Used Car Lemon Law


Used Car Lemon Law

The Used Car Lemon Law provides a legal remedy for buyers or lessees of used cars that turn out to be lemons. The law requires dealers to give you a written warranty. Under this warranty, a dealer must repair, free of charge, any defects in covered parts or, at the dealer's option, reimburse you for the reasonable costs of such repairs. If the dealer is unable to repair the car after a reasonable number of attempts, you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price. No used car covered by this law can be sold by a dealer "as is."

 Which cars are covered by this Lemon Law

Under the law, a used car is one which satisfies all the following five conditions:

(1) It was purchased, leased or transferred after the earlier of (a) 18,000 miles of operation or (b) two years from the date of original delivery; and

(2) It was purchased or leased from a New York dealer; and

(3) It had a purchase price or lease value of at least $1,500; and

(4) It had been driven 100,000 miles or less at the time of purchase or lease; and

(5) It is primarily used for personal purposes.

 Are Private Sales Covered?

No. If you bought your car from a private individual (rather than from a dealer) you are not protected by the Lemon Law. You should consult a lawyer for advice as to other possible remedies. If the purchase price was $3,000 or less, you may wish to pursue your claim in Small Claims Court.

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